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Contract Packaging Capabilities

contract packaging capabilities

APCO Packaging offers contract packaging, contract manufacturing, liquid packaging, liquid filling & powder packaging services in Chicago. Request a Quote Now

“APCO has been ultimately professional in accommodating our needs and on-going changes. From our initial visit, we had confidence in your expertise, quality, and ability to service our expectations. Now, six months later I can say that you honestly lived up to everything you said you could do. We really appreciate how well you have supported us through this product launch.

APCO is now our primary supplier for any upcoming outsourced powder projects.”

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Contract Packaging & Manufacturing at APCO Packaging of Chicago

Flexible contract manufacturing

Forecasting sales is a notoriously tricky proposition that, in turn, impacts production schedules. Fortunately, APCO Packaging is well-equipped to meet changes in demand quickly. Using our state of the art inventory management system and analyzing supplies on hand, we help our clients respond to marketplace fluctuations.

Several different sized production lines and additional equipment on stand-by, including portable machines that we can move to where they’re needed, give APCO the flexibility to meet a customer’s requirements. This is accomplished without sacrificing production and packaging of other customers’ products. Our lines are never reserved so we are able to adjust to changing needs.

Versatile contract manufacturing

APCO’s commitment is to meeting customer needs, even for products that other contract manufacturers might turn down. Our staff expertise and 25 years in the contract manufacturing business mean that we can work on difficult operations or those with unique requirements—and still help keep costs under control.

Niche products don’t scare APCO. Whether it’s because of the chemicals involved or the size of the run or the actual process involved, our expertise and industry knowledge make us a good match for such challenges. Other contract manufacturers may discourage you from bringing them such jobs by pricing them unrealistically high, but at APCO, we welcome the opportunity.

'GREEN' contract manufacturing

When your product line must be eco-friendly, APCO knows what to do. We’ve already worked out the kinks. Our staff—from lab technicians to manufacturing crews—is trained in the intricacies of handling peracetic acid, hydrogen peroxide, and other oxygen-based materials safely and efficiently. You get quality products, manufactured in accordance with legal requirements as well as with respect for the earth.

Scalable contract manufacturing

With new product launches, it’s critical that the contract manufacturer have the ability to start small and then increase production as product demand grows. APCO has the equipment, the expertise, the commitment, and the available capacity to scale up production as needed, eliminating new setup costs incurred by having to go to another co-packer for larger runs.