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Contract Packaging & Chicago Contract Manufacturing News

Contract Packaging & Chicago Contract Manufacturing News

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Packaging Digest 2/1/2005

Orange Glo International has presented APCO with "Contract Packager of the Year" for two consecutive years.

Max and Elaine Appel founded Orange Glo International in the 1980s to produce powerful household cleaners without harsh chemicals that are effective and economical to use. Their first product was Orange Glo[R] wood cleaner and polish, which uses pure orange oil as a key ingredient for its cleaning power and refreshing scent. The company's next big innovation was OxiClean[R] multipurpose stain remover, a granular product that harnesses simple oxygen as a strong, natural stain fighter.

Rather than build a dedicated production facility, Orange Glo worked with contract manufacturers around the country, including APCO Packaging, Inc., Bridgeview, IL, to produce its products. In 2002, the company decided to consolidate the production of OxiClean, and last year it selected APCO as its Midwest partner. More...