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Environmentally-Friendly Products

Green Contract Manufacturing & Packaging at APCO Packaging

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“APCO watches out for us; even management has cameras in their office so they can be our eyes for the manufacturing of OxiClean products. They have strong quality control processes in place and are consistent in their high quality of work.”

Bjorn Lang-Ree
Church & Dwight

Your environmentally-friendly contract manufacturer

Specialized procedures and equipment are required to formulate, blend, and fill eco-friendly products. Because environmentally-friendly hydrogen peroxide is so difficult to handle in its concentrated state - oxidizer & corrosive - many contract manufacturers avoid this type of business. But not APCO—through our years of environmentally friendly product producers such as OxiClean® and BioSafe, we have developed the expertise and the facilities for this highly-specialized processing.

Keeping Current With Green Initiatives

As more applications are developed for these types of products - natural pesticides and oxygenators that remediate pollution, clean up oil spills, eliminate molds, and sterilize the ground to prevent cutworms—we are uniquely poised as the premiere contract manufacturer in this field.


At APCO, we’re proud to do green-product manufacturing. We have documented procedures for safely handling the concentrated raw materials associated with many peracetic acid, hydrogen peroxide, and oxygen-based eco-friendly products. And, we have state of the art equipment dedicated specifically to handling hydrogen peroxide blending and filling.

Contract manufacturing for eco-friendly liquid and powder oxygen-based cleaners

We have a proven track record of successfully manufacturing eco-friendly liquid and powder oxygen-based cleaners. We know how to take all the right precautions yet keep the costs in line. And we deliver what you need, when you need it - right on time.


With the introduction of new legal requirements for limiting the environmental impact and exposure of certain harmful chemicals, as well as an increase in customer expectations for product performance, you need a contract manufacturer who is right on top of new developments in both arenas. APCO is at the forefront of green manufacturing. We make sure your runs are completed with respect for the earth and your customers’ needs—as well as the law.