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Filling & Blending

Contract manufacturing for blending, filling powder and liquid products

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Filling & Blending at APCO Packaging of Chicago

filling & blending at APCO Packaging

When it comes to liquid products and powder products, the keys to effective blending and filling include: 100% accuracy on formulations, having the right equipment operating under optimum conditions, and exercising tight quality management practices.

Powder blending

APCO has manufacturing and packaging equipment, as well as processes, specifically dedicated to powder blending. We have temperature and humidity controls in the facility where critical powder blending and filling operations take place. Since APCO manufactures many products that are hygroscopic, this equipment provides a considerable advantage for maintaining our process and quality controls when manufacturing and packaging these types of products.

Liquid blending and filling

APCO is also highly skilled as a contract manufacturer for liquid products requiring blending and filling. We have documented procedures for all critical processes and we are fortifying our Quality System to be in compliance with customer ISO-9000 and NSF-based quality system requirements.

Quality process for liquid and powder blending and filling

The APCO Packaging Standard Quality Assurance/ Quality Control Program includes:
  • Batch control monitoring and traceability records
  • In-process inspection activities
  • Weights and measures program
  • On-site laboratory for lab testing customers’ liquid and powder formulations

APCO has a peroxyacetic acid (PAA) manufacturing system. We can blend environmentally-friendly hydrogen peroxide-based products and fill containers from 275 gallon totes down to quart-size spray bottles. This state of the art operation includes:

  • Bulk tanker unloading facilities for concentrated hydrogen peroxide and acetic acid storage (tank farm w/ additional storage capacity available)
  • Automated formulation/batch control blending system
  • Blending tank on load cells
  • Batch holding tank(s)
  • 2 separate fill lines (large or small container)