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Industrial Contract Manufacturer & Packaging Company

A complete Contract manufacturer for your industrial, institutional and medical products

APCO Packaging offers contract packaging, contract manufacturing, liquid packaging, liquid filling & powder packaging services in Chicago. Request a Quote Now

“APCO’s staff works as a team to get the job done. They know how to communicate well with each other to be effective and quick. The bottom line is that they’re flexible and they accommodate my needs, even if that means short product runs.”

Rob Larose
BioSafe Systems
Industrial Contract Manufacturer | Industrial Contract Packager | Industrial Contract Packaging

Expert Contract manufacturer & packager

Companies can’t afford to be out of stock when a customer places an order which means they need a contract manufacturer who knows how to meet emergency demands. They need to partner with a co-packer whose commitment is to make, blend, fill, package and deliver high quality industrial, institutional, and medical products on time—and at reasonable prices.

Chemical contract manufacturers are not all the same

Chemical contract manufacturing is not a business for the faint of heart. It takes more than expertise, the right equipment, and the right chemicals to stand out from the crowd;

  • APCO’s commitment to customer service sets us apart. We stay in constant contact with our clients—keeping them apprised of the status at each step along the way. Customer satisfaction is the cornerstone of our business.

  • APCO’s integrity stands out in the industry. When you need to save money, we help you find appropriate ways to cut costs—never by skimping on an ingredient or leaving required steps out. We guarantee that the end product will meet or exceed all industry standards.

  • APCO staff members’ personal attention to customers makes us unusual in the contract manufacturing business. Everyone from the plant manager, the project manager, and the operations manager to the owner is happy to talk one-on-one with our customers.