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new product center for contract manufacturing, liquid filling & powder packaging

APCO Packaging offers contract packaging, contract manufacturing, liquid packaging, liquid filling & powder packaging services in Chicago. Request a Quote Now

“APCO’s ability to roll out new specialty products is superb. They are skilled at scale-up testing, engineering the manufacturing process, and working out the kinks.”

Bjorn Lang-Ree
Church & Dwight
OXI-Clean Powder Packaging & Manufacturing at APCO Packaging

Contract manufacturing launch experts

Whether it’s a “new and improved” version of an existing product or a brand new product all together, our clients often grow their revenues by expanding their product lines . . . and APCO’s New Product Center helps make it happen. From product development and production to filling the pipeline and continuity once the product is launched, APCO’s expertise makes us a valuable partner of the new product team.

Through APCO’s New Product Center, our clients are able to bring new products to market with complete confidence that they are getting the best, most efficient pilot runs possible, right from the start. All of APCO’s engineering experience, resources, versatility, flexibility, and passion for customer service come together to get the job done in a timely and effective way.

At APCO, we are your contract manufacturing and packaging launch partner.

OxiClean Case Study

APCO has worked with many customers through the new product introduction phase. New products such as OxiClean® have grown to mega-success on the APCO production lines.