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packaging versatility

Liquid Contract Packaging, Powder Packaging & Kitting Products

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Liquid Packaging & Powder Blending
Liquid Contract Packaging & Powder Packaging

contract packaging versatility

Packaging of liquid and powder products requires flexibility and versatility. It takes extra space and time, and demands special equipment and expertise. We consult with our clients to make sure that the packaging they envision is best-suited to their product. APCO has everything it takes to design and manufacture single- or multi-use packaging for a vast array of applications and in a nearly unlimited range of variations.

Whether for toll contract manufacturing or turnkey solutions, we have the lines, the scalability, and the equipment to get the job done right and keep the costs under control. From small to large runs, we work with our clients as their production needs grow and they bring new products to market. Our multiple lines and scalable production runs mean inventory costs are kept lower, with less risk to the client.

APCO offers a wide range of packaging options

• Bulk • Tankers • Totes • Drums
• Super sacks • Bags • Pouches • Bottles
• Jars • Cartons • Boxes • One-unit samples

Kitting products

APCO has the specialized equipment and the expertise to design and manufacture kits for products. We also have the space on our lines to run this type of assembly effectively. We start by listening carefully to client needs, and then we design a mock-up of a kit. Whether it’s a buy-one-get-one-free kit that’s required or a set of multiple products being packaged together, APCO can make it happen.

Solving packaging challenges

APCO design specialists work with our clients to address the packaging issues they face. Our specialist can tackle challenges related to package size or material, labeling or special promotional items.