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Personal Care Products

Contract Manufacturing & Packager of Personal Care Products in Chicago

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Contract Manufacturing & Packager of Personal Care Products in Chicago

Contract manufacturing for personal care products

APCO is an expert in the contract manufacturing of personal care products and non-aerosol health and beauty products—from soaps, to tanning lotions, to colognes and aftershave splashes. We understand how critical exact formulations are for these on-the-body products and we know how important attractive packaging is to your sales. We lend our expertise and partner with our clients to launch exciting new products, and fulfill large orders to meet demand.

Health and beauty products need great care

Because products for the health and beauty industry come in contact with the human body, the precision with which they are formulated, blended and filled demands attention and care. At APCO, we pay close attention to properly setting up the lines, establishing standards for sanitary conditions, and maintaining quality throughout the process. Our staff members have monitors in their offices so they can personally observe each run as it progresses and make any needed adjustments immediately.

Control prices and guarantee on-time delivery for personal care products

In the highly competitive industry of personal care products and health and beauty products, it is essential to keep costs down while keeping quality high—and we understand that. At APCO, we’re masters at working with our clients so that we understand their requirements and can develop the process that will hold the costs down while delivering high quality product.

APCO is highly qualified to produce and package:

  • Non-FDA-registered personal care products
  • Liquids, e.g., shampoo, shower gel, lotions, hair spray in a pump
  • Medicated shampoos, lice treatments
  • Ultrasound gel
  • Perfumes