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Contract Packaging for Industrial, Household, & Personal Care Brands

APCO Packaging offers contract packaging, contract manufacturing, liquid packaging, liquid filling & powder packaging services in Chicago. Request a Quote Now
Industrial Packaging of Chicago. Liquid & Powder Blending Experts. At APCO, products are developed, packaged in a safe, quality-controlled environment and rolled out at the best possible cost—and on time. We follow best manufacturing practices for the chemical industry. Our staff and executives are committed to producing products with the same lean manufacturing and continuous improvement processes that Six-Sigma and ISO-9000 are based on.

APCO specializes in four main categories of products:

Household Products, Industrial Products, Personal Care Products and Environmentally-friendly Products.

In addition, we handle certain other materials:

  • Other chemicals
  • Powdered metals
  • Epoxy resin

Some of our products include:

• Household Cleaners
• Stain Removers
• Toilet Bowl Cleaners
• Drain Clog Removers
• Rust and Iron Stain Removers
• Metal Polishes and Cleaners
• Hand Sanitizers
• Gelled Soaps
• Air Fresheners


• Cat Litters • Pet Care Products
• Car Care Cleaners and Washes
• Radiator Sealants
• Car Care Protectants
• Radiator Flush
• Industrial Cleaners
• Scale Remover
• Epoxy Resins
• Absorbent Spill Compounds
• Industrial Sanitizers
• Powdered Metals
• Anti-static Cleaners
• Soil and Groundwater Remediation Products
• Water-Based Dyes
• Granular Algaecides
• Liquid Bacteria Products
• Ultrasound Gel • Disinfectants
• Oxygen-based Cleaners, Stain Removers and Bleaches
• Hydrogen Peroxide-based Formulations
• Peracetic Acid Blends
• Foot and Baby Powders
• Gels
• Medicated Shampoos / Lice Treatment
• Non-aerosol Sprays
• Shampoos
• Lotions
• Perfumes
• Anti-static Cleaners