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Contract Packaging & Manufacturing quality assurance

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APCO Contract Packaging & Manufacturing Quality Assurance

Quality – planned, controlled, guaranteed

Quality is no accident at APCO—it’s carefully planned and executed. From product engineering assistance with development to using exactly the right equipment and getting the final rollout perfect, APCO’s quality management processes guarantee “steady state”—a prized condition in the contract manufacturing business.

Hundreds of factors are recorded on an APCO-designed quality matrix. Measurements for every essential step in production, accurate quantities, attaching correct date codes, checking weights, controlling temperature and humidity, and even making sure that labels are straight, are all monitored specifically to each customer’s requirements.

Instead of just documenting quality checkpoints on a spreadsheet, our line technicians record data at every step and do their production reporting right on the line. Every hour there’s an inspection and our quality team is walking the lines all the time. If an issue arises, our quality inspectors, not our customers, are the ones who find it—and fix it.

Quality control – customized

To assure quality, APCO has created a customer-specific Quality Management Program. Working closely with our customer, we determine the product requirements for a job and adapt our standard quality procedures to address every detail. We then create the Quality Matrix for that product, ensuring that the job meets all the requirements--from color, shape, and weight of raw materials to packaging of the finished product.

APCO’s quality processes improve efficiencies and guarantee repeatability, which means lower costs and consistent results that always meet or exceed chemical industry standards. We provide ISO 9001-level quality without the cost of maintaining regimented documentation.