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Value Engineering, Design Consulting, Warehousing, & Order Fulfillment

Contract Manufacturing Services

APCO Packaging offers contract packaging, contract manufacturing, liquid packaging, liquid filling & powder packaging services in Chicago. Request a Quote Now

Contract Manufacturing Services, Contract Shipping, Contract Storage

Contract manufacturing that delivers on-time, stores, ships—and more

“APCO’s crew is awesome--I really enjoy working with them. Aside from increasing our product packaging types by incorporating a bagging system, now they warehouse our products and prepare shipments for us too--simplifying our inventory and product transfers. It is working out well. They are always ready to satisfy our needs.”

Tom Cormack
Director of Operations
At APCO, we offer our customers choice: complete turnkey solutions, or simple toll blending and packaging services. We deliver as promised—on short lead times, fast turnaround, with special requirements—for both small runs and full-scale production.

But we don’t stop there. Our engineering support provides the benefit of value analysis and value engineering, assuring that our customers’ products are always the best they can be.

APCO offers additional services to meet our customers’ many manufacturing and packaging needs:

Formulation refinement

Packaging design consultation

Kitting design and production

Component and raw material procurement

Warehouse inventory management

Order fulfillment

Shipment scheduling

Scale-up testing

For customers with limited warehousing facilities, we can hold product and then directly ship to our clients or directly to their customers as needed. This eliminates having to ship to a co-op warehouse and incur extra charges for storing and shipping.

At APCO, the customer is #1 and we encourage our customers to challenge us—we’ll do everything we can to make it happen.