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Contract Manufacturing & Packaging for Liquids & Powders

Contract Manufacturing & Packaging for Liquids & Powders

APCO Packaging offers contract packaging, contract manufacturing, liquid packaging, liquid filling & powder packaging services in Chicago. Request a Quote Now

Contract Manufacturing & Packaging for Liquids & Powders

Expert Contract packaging & manufacturing for liquids and powders

APCO Packaging is a leading contract manufacturer offering complete powder and liquid blending and packaging services. Whether our customers require start-to-finish services or just one facet of the process, APCO’s expertise means that our customers are meeting their company’s product objectives.

Turnkey contract manufacturer

APCO’s turnkey service allows us to control every step of the process and thus assure superior price and quality for all runs. We take responsibility for every step of the full manufacturing cycle—from new product rollouts to short run products, and on to high-speed, large-scale production runs. By managing Purchasing, Production, Quality Control, Inventory Management and Delivery, we guarantee 100% on-time delivery for turnkey jobs.

We recognize that not all customers require the same standard turnkey services, therefore, APCO also offers services such as Warehousing, Order Fulfillment and Procurement, as needed.

Today, we offer turnkey contract manufacturer services to producers of a wide array of products including:

  • Personal care powders
  • Granular powders, including metal
  • Algae control
  • OxiClean®
  • Liquids
  • Sanitizers
  • Detergents
  • Eco-friendly oxygen-based liquid and powder cleaners
  • Personal care liquids, with or without alcohol.

Eco-friendly expertise

“Going green” can be complicated. Ecologically-safe products oftentimes require special handling precautions. We’ll ensure your products are handled safely on the line. We honed our skills with OxiClean®, one of the industry leaders in eco-friendly products. APCO will get you safely to market with your green product line.

Toll Blending and Packaging Services

For customers who do not require the end-to-end capabilities that turnkey service affords, APCO offers toll blending and packaging services. These services include:
  • Blending of customer-purchased and tested material
  • Packaging of APCO-blended product
  • Packaging of customer-provided product

Toll services offer short lead times and fast turnaround that customers need to be competitive.

Manufacturing and packaging for NEW liquid and powder products

APCO is the co-packer expert for new product rollouts. Clients introducing a new product require that the manufacturing and packaging process work 100% right before starting. Our product engineers, quality assurance staff and line managers all work together to develop the right process and catch potential trouble spots before they become problems. Find more details at our New Product Center.

And APCO has what it takes to grow with our clients. Just as we were there for every step as OxiClean® became the giant it is today, we can start with a small run and continue on when a product makes it big in the marketplace.